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I needed a new office cleaner, and after one or two candidates do not have a 62yr old Johanna came with a cream raincoat that covers most of her figure, but could not hide the fact, a very nice chest. Immediately her up and took her husband along to help with work, I was looking forward to my office in the morning and saw his beautiful ass and breasts bursting thro move sweatshirt. Joan used to make a cup of tea when I sat down, and if he had received some good e- mail i showed him that there was a girl with very big tits and laughed and said, my, it's better than that! Now I was the head man there, and I was risking everything in what was widely respected former manager odd 50 years. Luckily, a shuttle came and I took it as soon as I was in my new office is dirty, so I called Joan and asked her to come and clean for me, she agreed, as long as I picked them up and taken home after work is done. Well everything went as planned and on the way to their shouldersand i asked her husband ? He had a heart problem and could not see anything in her bed, I could have said, we could go eat and chat, did not say how she was in work clothes, but maybe next time she wore better and I in my offer, I asked Joan if you prefer a particular dress, which I told him not just white, who said he was fine. spent a month and thought it was the ring Joan and ask her to come and clean for me, she agreed and I went to pick them up when I saw them I thought, wow nice white shirt and a pair of tight pants, no adultspace was well looked after a few hours after completion of work, and I have in my car and I said ok you want to go for a drink and something to eat? Yes, responded, and finally left the plan begins to work, there is lunch overlooking the river, the boats go by and talk to a lot of sexual innuendo thrown, so when we left the bar I went to a secluded place took a carpet in my car and walked in a field and walked under a tree. As soon as we sat down, when I kissed her and felt her breasts were firm and MMMM big nipples big project, Joan quickly adultspace unzipped me and my jumped 7 1 / 2 'tool, gasped and said it was as thick and much larger than their old mans beside it as if you've never seen one, I adultspace said and unclipped her bra and stop Joan stared at was sucking the best pair of tits I've had the adultspace privelage to maintain as strong and big 42 DD, I said, I hope that white bra panties match? Joan said yes, that came from MS just for you, I put my hands around her buttocks and felt that their god was so firm round ass. How could a woman her age has a good body? I needed more than this, so on their runners and of course beautiful white cotton underwear took him aside and licked her pubic bone, adultspace the smell was all woman and I joined immediately pheromones could not wait and teased her butt with them turned to me and tRied Giving her pussy, but was scarce, so he slipped two fingers into her hole and followed with a little juice and lubricated was your contribution and push it again, and cried this time Joan and I have left to ask if I had hurt him, but she said that little by little because it was so great, I passed, and finally managed to take in my cock then I started pumping in and out, but he was so close and so I asked why she said she never had children and has nothing in it more than two years! That was enough to make me drive too fast, and he said, coming and soon shot one of my biggest stresses in the narrow tube love Joan and mind blowing as hard as I always thought that sex with Joan adultspace would good, but not so good! I was fast on the back of Joan and started playing with her ​​little clit and sucked the left nipple, as Frigga, began to adultspace buck my fingers and slid a finger into the anus adultspace went wild and shouted out loud God, oh God God. wenot speak for a adultspace few minutes and just breathe heavily Joan, thanks for the spirit that was said and what I feel I have come so soon, she said she never had an orgasam for years and he really thought he would never have another one but now she has been satisfied adultspace and wanted more. I knew this sort of thing for both of us, we were both adults are adequate and just wanted each other to have sex, this was the norm from now on and adultspace I explained that I had other plans for this was our experience and Joan also asked when they give me the ass, she said it was dirty and hurt him, I said no she is not and I with her many sexual positions and play. I teach also asked adultspace Joan if she had no friends in the same age who might be interested in our games ? said earlier, I was sick, but finally convinced to the point where we support each other orgasam, s, and I like to play with another woman with big tits see, Joan saw me and adultspace said therefore not getting any younger and ive got a huge backlog, so I'll try it, but if something hurts I adultspace do not want to! Just as the rules of the game, I decided, I told Joan to urinate, I said, I took her hand, she moved around the tree and pointed my cock in the bushes and said will you save ? Joan said yes and started to urinate and saw his mouth open. When I finished I grabbed Joan traccy soil and pulled her panties down with me said NO urinate, even when I took off my pants and then put Joan to tell her to pee on me, he said, where I'm at my penis and testicles. She started and said that the feeling of hot cum pee and my balls were my second dream was true the day I thanked Joan and removed her panties before she moved back, said Joan Why I love him I have said about them in straw and go, while on his part. This was the beginning of my dream smell of your sex life and is better than ever and the better, but more on that later.
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